Introducing Struxtion’s GC Early Pay Program!

Our turnkey, innovative program is simple to implement with your subs.

  • We provide 100% of the capital
  • No cost, debt, or cash outlay for you
  • Works with your existing payment processes


HOW The Struxtion GC Early Pay Program Works

  • We market and manage every aspect of the program including how subs opt-in.
  • Subs pay Struxtion 2% of the invoice amount ONLY when they decide to take an early payment.
  • Not only do you have $0 out-of-pocket expenses, but we’ll also rebate you based on the success of the program!


WHY The Struxtion GC Early Pay Program Works

GCs use our early pay program as a strategic advantage to attract and retain the best subs.

When subs get paid faster, they deliver more competitive bids and stay more engaged in your projects.

To learn more, simply fill out the form and we’ll follow up.


Learn More About Struxtion's GC Early Pay Program.


If you have any further questions, please reach
out to our team anytime at 888-787-8986.

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