00000For General Contractors: We’ve Got a Competitive Advantage For You, Too!

The Struxtion GC Early Pay Program.

Struxtion’s GC Early Pay Program (EPP) utilizes our core technology to connect construction project and stakeholder data to provide a turnkey, cost-free solution for you. With no additional effort or processes, turn the current 83 average days outstanding to on-demand payments to your subs through Struxtion’s program.

Pay Subcontractors Faster - It’s Easy.

GCs that are part of the program see early pay as competitive advantage to:

Get the most competitive bids

Keep subs engaged on their projects

Attract and retain the best subs

Turnkey - We Do All The Work!

Struxtion markets and administers the EPP program and provides 100% of the capital, making this a win-win for you and your subcontractors.

• We manage all the details.
• We provide 100% of the capital.
• You have $0 out-of-pocket expenses or cash outlay.

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