Long-term Relationships That Support the Financial Success of Contractors

In commercial construction, cash flow can be unpredictable for everybody. Our technology-based platform gathers critical information about your projects to provide the best possible pricing. In doing so, we create a customized rate that adjusts over time by rewarding you for your reputation and performance.

Now you can enjoy increased flexibility for your business in just a few easy steps.


Create an account . . .


Tell us about your
company and jobs . . .


Upload your invoices and
get the cash you need.

That’s it.

Struxtion keeps Contractors engaged through transparency

You’ll Always See Amounts and Rates Upfront.

We make it easy to fund your payroll and pay for your material and/or labor expenses. And our solution is not only different from factoring – it’s better. When factoring companies take ownership of an invoice, they contact the GC to say they own it. The GC pays the factoring company for that invoice. This wreaks havoc on the GCs books and creates a risk to your reputation as the contractor.

Although you will let your GC know that you have new lender and provide them updated bank account info, the account is in your name as the contractor, therefore the GC doesn’t have to make any changes to who they are paying, and this makes a HUGE difference to them.

Struxtion provides the tools that help Contractors get – and stay – financially healthy.

Imagine bidding and winning bigger jobs. Hiring the best crews. Taking on multiple jobs. Enjoying early-pay discounts from your suppliers and growing your reputation. We’ll even help you create a financial wellness plan.

Look, we get it.

As a contractor, you want to focus on the work instead of when you’ll be getting paid.

Say goodbye to unpredictable cash flow and grow your business by getting the capital you need – with Struxtion today.



  • We bring together all the players in the commercial construction supply chain around a common goal: Freeing up capital to do your job.
  • We remove the risk and inefficiencies from the current approach to funding.
  • We understand the commercial construction market and have tailored our solutions specifically for your industry.
  • We do the waiting. We provide the money to Contractors immediately, and wait for payment from the project owners and GCs.
  • We utilize critical information about the relationships and the project to provide the best possible pricing.