Working directly with commercial contractors allows us to learn a lot about how their businesses work most efficiently. Especially when they have a partner who can provide them with the working capital they need to keep growing. 

Why is that important? 

Because the day-to-day business of a contractor tends to focus on making sure the bills and the crew are getting paid on time. Working capital gets tied up in those activities, which can hinder growth potential. Particularly when new construction projects come up and the contractor’s ability to bid is limited because so much cash flow is tied up in current work commitments.

That’s where financing comes in.

We know, financing in the commercial construction industry tends to get a bad rap. It’s not completely unwarranted. From high and hidden fees to overwhelming paperwork and significant collateral, it’s a daunting task for contractors to even think about potential financing options.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, and that’s where Struxtion comes in.

We believe in helping our clients succeed and grow. That’s why our platform is fast and easy to use. We’ve eliminated the paperwork, instead providing an online enrollment process that takes minutes, literally something that can be done while waiting in line for coffee. 

It doesn’t stop there. 

We offer pre-approvals in as little as 24 hours after enrolling. Even better, there’s never a requirement to take any money, either. In fact, everything about our process is completely in your control. Transparency is important, too. Our clients always know how much everything costs before they decide to take advantage of any financing.

So, what are you waiting for?

If opportunities for your commercial construction business are outpacing your cash flow, financing with Struxtion is a reliable way to balance your working capital needs and keep growing.