00000For Contractors

Meet Cash Flow

You’re investing in materials and hiring the workforce to get the job done – to build the actual buildings.

Struxtion’s online platform takes the hassle out of keeping cash flow strong and your bottom line even stronger.


The current system just doesn’t work


Average of 83 days sales outstanding


Banks are adverse to lending to contractors


49% of contractors don’t get paid on time

Struxtion is different

Faster Payments

Reliable cash flow in 3 days or less means you can get what you need when you need it.

Simple Process

Our platform guides you through without extensive paperwork or personal guarantees.

More Control

Cash on hand means you can bid on your terms and capabilities.

Focused on Construction,
Struxtion is Built for You

We geek out on the building process, too. We love to see nothing turn into the beautiful landscapes we see in cities across the country. And we support all of you who make it happen.

It’s time we get to know each other.

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