Our Story

Great businesses, truly meaningful businesses are the result of need. Where re-occurring themes surrounding one problem amount to an enormous opportunity. Because where there is a pain and struggle, there lies opportunity to make a difference, to remove obstacles, and to grow.

Welcome to the life of a contractor in the commercial construction industry.   Opportunities abound to grow your business, produce great projects, provide employment, and create a legacy for you and your family. For so many well managed small-to-medium Subcontractors the opportunities are endless, but the financial constraints are real.

Struxtion was born from the desire to remove the financial obstacles that so many contractors face in growing their businesses, allowing them to focus on the work, and the growth, and not fear the need for capital.  In the current financial ecosystem of commercial construction, contractors support the working capital needs of all commercial construction projects, not only hindering their growth, but the growth of the entire industry as they are the backbone for the work, and unfortunately, the working capital required to get these jobs done.


When contractors are provided with cost-effective working capital, it expands opportunities for everyone who benefits from construction growth – including general contractors, architects, engineers, developers, material suppliers, service providers, and owners. However, unlike offerings provided by traditional lenders, subs require a financial solution that is flexible and dynamic. One that can grow and adjust with their needs at the time they need it most.


We’re making a positive impact in the commercial construction industry by providing cost-effective (and more accessible) funds for contractors to complete the job, pay the bills, and take on more work.

We’d love to connect with you, hear your story and tell you more about ours.  Together, we can make a difference.