Struxtion Team



Director of Relationships

Cincinnati, Ohio
Joined: 2020

Zach began his education graduating from Butler Tech’s automotive program. In addition to the automotive world, he has worked in different contracting fields such as HVAC, fire suppression and alarm systems. A first generation college student, he sought out higher education at Cincinnati State and eventually at the University of Cincinnati, where he finished his undergraduate degree in finance. He continued his studies at the University of Cincinnati with an MBA with a finance focus.
Zach has worked in finance for more than five years and provided top off liquidity to mid-market companies with revenues between $2M to $900M. At Struxtion he focuses on providing project level financing for contractors.

Zach still considers himself a “gearhead” and he enjoys working with his hands. His current project outside of work is his 1991 Mr2 Turbo. In his free time, he enjoys wake surfing, snowboarding, sporting clays, backpacking and anything outdoors.