Struxtion Team



Business Development Representative

Cincinnati, Ohio
Joined: 2020


Prior to joining Struxtion, Noah had experience with starting new businesses. His family started two businesses when he was young, thus giving him exposure to the business world at a young age. The first business was a mortgage loan processing company, processing $60 million annually. He took a more active role in the second business, a detailing company, in which he managed all relationships with partnering dealerships.

Noah leveraged much of the experience he gained from his family’s business to begin his own landscaping company, servicing both commercial and residential customers. It was an immediate success as home improvement became even more popular while many spent more time at home during the pandemic. Noah further honed his accurate budget estimating and customer relationship skills before joining Struxtion as a Business Development Representative.

When he isn’t working at Struxtion, Noah is pursuing his undergraduate degree in finance with a concentration in real estate from the University of Kentucky.